• The main purpose of the WorldThinkBank, a section of “1000 UNIVERSITIES IN ONE” is the mutual and rewarding “USE OF KNOWLEDGE” among the Universities of the World, the publication of Scientific Inventions, discoveries and works in more than one thousand Universities of the Earth, without absolutely any expense, and the sale of books, magazines and art works of Professors and Students with free posting and movement of their advertising promotion through WorldThinkBank, with no publication expense.


  • The defining objective of the WorldThinkBank Program – “1000 UNIVERSITIES IN ONE” is the realization of the University Authorities, Deans and Professors that all their Students should be informed by their computers about the continuous flow of “THE USE KNOWLEDGE “,which will be published regularly through the website, to the email of the universities in the pursuit of their participation in the exchange of scientific, technological, philosophical, historical and theological views and works from University to University, so that, globally, students are kept informed about the development of knowledge concerning the understanding of universal values, for a more just, more peaceful and hospitable Humanity.

It is particularly important that outside the Universities of the World that will participate in WorldThinkBank – “1000 UNIVERSITIES IN ONE“, activities are already being extended to major Technical Schools, Research and Experimental Centers, Geostrategic and Space Centers around the world, for the wider dissemination of the “THE USE OF KNOWLEDGE ‘ in Societies of the intellect.

A Special Scientific Group of WorldThinkBank will process incoming subject matter and manage the effective distribution to universities and academic centers of the world.

WorldThinkBank’s global website – “1000 UNIVERSITIES IN ONE” will develop the ideals of rivalry, noble competition, new acquaintance, friendly and spiritual relationship, cooperation and solidarity of the world’s professors and students.


A World Bank of Thought which all Earth citizens enter and exit freely through their computers.

Imagine a World Bank that manages the “Intangible Money of the Mind” which inspired people choose to deposit or receive with no financial obligation or claim, as desired.

Imagine a World Bank of Thought in which you can, when you decide, deposit your scientific studies, your graduate theses, your Technological experiments, your new business models, your projects, your patents, your innovative ideas, your artwork, so that all the world’s citizens can freely be informed about your activity without your having the least burden of expense.

Imagine, by tapping a code on your computer, to have the panorama of the developments of World knowledge, archived with Banking Practice, to participate in global developments, to be informed about the achievements at the Academic – University – Technology Centers, to give you the opportunity to communicate with and exchange ideas with new colleagues, search for new acquaintances with intellectuals, to cooperate on your innovative ideas with young researchers and willing interlocutors , to find that you are not alone in the world of your ideas, but you can interact and collaborate with the most useful and inventive minds in the world!

This is WorldThinkBank!


  • Works that concern Advanced Schools or Universities or Research and Experimental Centers, will be sent with the indicator “SAFE-DEPOSIT VAULT” of the WorldThinkBank.
  • The mission of the University or the Secretariat of the University of a Study, Research, Experiment, Patent, Scientific Test, Artwork, Book, Journal or simple announcement to WorldThinkBank will be distributed directly to all selected Universities and Academic Centers of the World.
  • Academic content work by individual teachers, students, researchers or scientists will be controlled by WorldThinkBank’s Scientific Team and, if they meet the appropriate ethical standards, will be distributed to the WorldThinkBank partners.
  • Political or religious “positions” and “views” of teams or individual players are not accepted by WorldThinkBank.
  • University Competitive Issues and Partner Requests not based on the Global Principles of Gratitude, Respect and Solidarity will not be accepted by the WorldThinkBank Jury.
  • Advertising printed, illustrated or black and white, displaying new Literary, Philosophical, Technological and General Scientific Topics, and Promotional, illustrated or black and white promotional literature, showing new Literary, Philosophical, Technological and General Scientific topics, following the relevant Jury’s review, will be distributed free of charge to all WorldThinkBank partners.
  • Requests for the creation of Scientific Teams to solve material or non-material issues related to the Rational Use of Science, Technology and Nature and of Society in general will be supported by WorldThinkBank.
  • WorldThinkBank’s defining purpose is “The Use of Knowledge” through Modern Technology to make it “common” for every citizen in the world who envisions a more spiritual Human Society. Work by individual Teachers, Scientists, Researchers, Students, etc., will be sent to and deposited in WorldThinkBank’s specific safe-deposit box, so that they can easily identify and visit the interested parties. Through modern Technology, to make it “common” to every citizen of the world who envisions a more spiritual Human Society.
  • The official language for each application is English and Greek.
  • If you wish your application to be submitted in another language, this is acceptable.
  • Requests to WorldThinkBank must be comprehensive, clearly describe the Request, and be free of any requirement for disclosure.
  • Requests that have Legal loopholes and call into question the Right of Disclosure are not acceptable.
  • It is allowed in the Requests, the publication of the title, the name, addresses, telephone numbers, fax and e-mail of the sender or the recipient.
  • The Audit Committee is not required to search for names, addresses and details for Requests that do not bear the details of their sender.