Curriculum Vitae of Evangelia Daniil


Name: DANIIL, EVANGELIA (Parents: Michael and Rosalia)

Place of Birth: Athens.  (Mother of 2 children)


1978- 1984:               Medical University of Craiova, Romania, Degree: 9.0 Very Good

1985 – 1987:              Rural Service in Rural Surgery: Pavliani in the Province of Phthiotida.

1987 – 1991:              Specialty: Pulmonologist –Tuberculosis, Sismanogleio Hospital, – Intensive Care Unit, Sismanogleio Hospital.

1992:                          Acquisition of Specialty Title: “Pulmonologist-Tuberculosis”

                                    Seminar “Biostatistics”, organized by the “Greek Union

                                    Against Tuberculosis”, 1990.

                                    Seminar:”Telemedicine” Greek Telemedicine Group,

                                    Sismanogleio Hospital, 1991.

  1993                          Seminar: “Information”, Ltd.


2002 – 2004:            K.E.E.L Control Center of Infectious Diseases

                             In the epidemiological surveillance of communicable diseases, Public Health problems associated with illegal immigration and health problems of likely use of biological or radiological agents.


2004 – 2005:           National School of Public Health. In Public Health

                              Thesis: “TUBERCULOSIS AND HUMAN RIGHTS”

                              “which received” EXCELLENT “.

 2006                       Date of acquisition.



2013                   .” Date of acquisition

                               Foreign Languages: Romanian, English


1991:                     Instructor in the program “First Aid Providers

                              In Case of Emergency. «The annual training of the civilian population

1991:                     Instructor in the courses organized by the Greek Thoracic Society on “Tuberculosis”

1992-3 to 2014      in Primary Health Care of the IKA (IKA Byron)

2014 to today          Private physician

1992 – 2000:            hourly paid professor for the Tuberculosis course for Nurses at only three-Middle Hospital Technical Vocational School “Hagia Sophia Children

2002 – 2008:            Assistant at the Metropolitan Hospital

2003 – 2004:             Participation in information echelons of the Chinese population, the shops of foreigners in Athens during the SARS epidemic and the       immigrant camps. Providing primary medical care to migrant camp, Lavrion (KEELPNO).

 Update on Epidemiological Surveillance of Notifiable Diseases doctors of Polyclinic.

 Update Philippine Embassy – Singapore for SARS

2004:                 Selection of the Piraeus court as an expert for the documentation of the <secondhand smoke damage>


1984                     Polycystic Egg (Diploma thesis at the Medical School of the    University of Craiova, Romania).

1990 September                 Probability Profile of Hospitalization for Pulmonary  Tuberculosis (P.Ziotopoulos, M. Pliaka, P. Lostarakos, E. Daniil, A. Blassakaki. First  Dept of Thoracic Medicine, Sismanogleio Hospital, Athens, London,)

Bronchial Asthma and Cushing (Speaker at National Conference in pulmonology HILTON, 1991)

June 1998                   The Effect of Air Pollution on Morbidity of Diseases of the Respiratory System (II. Ziotopoulos, M. Paloumpa, Reg Mega, M. Pliakos, E. Daniil, I. Vryonis, First Pulmonological Clinic, Sismanogleio General Hospital, Athens.)

June 1998                   Respiratory Physiology and Pathology in Ancient Greece and Byzantium (P, Ziotopoulos, G. Delaportas, Th. Panagiotopoulos, S. Michailidis, E. Goulia, E. Daniil, 1stDepartment of Thoracic Medicine, Sismanogleion Hospital, Athens, Greece. 230 Annual Meeting of the SEPCR, Athens.)

2006                             Tuberculosis and Human Rights (Diploma thesis at the National School of Public Health.)

                                  The White Epidemic and Human Rights. Ethical, Social and Legal Aspects of Tuberculosis (Tina Gkarani – Papadaki Evangelia Daniil, HUMAN RIGHTS, IDB N042 / 2009 sel.397 – 439)

                             Participation in the writing of texts during my retraining in KEEL (2004-2005), Resistance to Anti-TB Drugs, Response Plan in case of Pandemic Influenza, Laboratory Investigation-Security Laboratories in case of Bioterrorism (smallpox, anthrax, botulism, Viral Hemorrhagic Fever, Encephalitis virus) Tuberculosis and Migrants, Law governing the Provision of Medical Care to Immigrants.

2009                                Participation in studies of GLAXO, ASTRA, NOVARTIS, CEGEDIM, MNOW Study EPIPTOSI. (Congress of Chest Diseases, Thessaloniki).

November 2011               Published in PREVENTION magazine article “Cough will be gone” (p.28)

2012                            Early Diagnosis of Small Airway Disease (E. Daniil, C. Kaltsakas, Sofia-Antiopi Gennimata, Anastasios Palamidas, John Jordanoglou, and N. Koulouris. 1st Respiratory Medicine Dept, Athens University, “Sotiria” Hospital, Athens / Attica, Greece, ERS, Vienna.)

2013                           Speaker at the 4th World Philosophical Forum 2013 on “Asclepieia and Heptapolis

2015                              Speaker at the Congress of PESPA (Greek Alliance of Rare Diseases), on “Doctor- Patient Relationship.”

Speaker – Information in Police College (Avlona, Piraeus, Aigaleo) for TB, the disease transmission routes and precautionary ways (EIA organization and police), 2016


On Social Practice – Pharmacy Byron

Participation in Byron Municipal Health Committees.