Curriculum Vitae of Giorgos Politis

1.Company DEKO Work: OTE A.E

Working Period: 1972-2002

Scoring Evolution: 1972 7/1975 Economic

8 / 1975-01 / 1994 Telecom / Engineer Senior Techn. Pros MR / parties

2 / 1994-12 / 1997 Sub / Director / BoL

1 / 1998-03 / 2002 D / Director / BoL

  1. From June 2002 to March 2004 I was a member of the DAC Board.

In addition to conventional activities as Board member contributed as appropriate committee chairman for the upgrade of the Integrated Information ODA program and the expansion of value-added products with Greek participation.

  1. During the same period as above served as Board member the EMC-HELLAS SA –

EMC subsidiary DAC.

4.From September 2002 until May 2005 I worked as a Management Consultant at RAM-EUROPE, which decisively contributed to the organization and upgrading the plant in order to qualify for evaluation for the co-production agreement with Greece German tanks LEOPARD.

5.From January 2006 to March 2007 I worked as a consultant in NEXTCOM company specific issues Metropolitan telecommunications networks.

6.From September 2007 until June 2008 he served as Chairman of the Board Company T-SMART SA Telecommunications Applications with particular involvement in Broadband Networks Municipalities.

7.From February to September 2009 took part as chairman of the Board Inc. Technology – Business and Commercial Services METAGON Solutions S.A. with special participation in eGovernment objects.

III. Participation in CIB Commissions, to:

  • Responsible organizational restructuring of OTE in 1979 to levels of joint area (current Kallikratis).
  • A five-member committee in the Ministry of Economy in the application of the institution of socialization in SOEs.
  • Staff evaluation
  • Select members on merit through committees
  • Calibration Services with multi-criteria method
  • Connection System Development Fee in productivity at all levels
  • Service Project Certification and ISO acquisition
  1. Social (relative to the Service) Activity
  • In 1985 I participated in the committee of the Ministry of Economy on introducing the institution of public utility KOINONIKOPOIISIS.
  • In 1985, following nationwide elections was elected to the workers’ representatives to exercise OTE (Government Gazette 577 / B / 25.9.1985)
  • In 1989 I was appointed to exercise-ELTA as a representative of the State (Government Gazette 442 / B / 07.09.1989)
  • From my position carries OTE played an important role on the following issues:
  • Establishment of Special Programs (Crash Program) for the improvement of communication quality in all EOC / OTE ye
  • Growing different perception in determining OTE invoices with social sensitivity and fairness criteria.
  • Presentation of new posts, financing and development capabilities to create subsidiaries in the Balkans and elsewhere.
  • Organizing workshops to exercise, for the modernization and development of OTE and Telecom general
  • Organization Regional Meetings Social Control in several major cities in the country with the participation of most SOEs to develop joint programs.
  • Participation in the party of the telecommunications privacy watchdog on OTE web site with the decision 301.3 / D266 / 04.28.93 / Administration to test its long expertise and knowledge.
  1. Writing Work
  • I wrote to more than 50% the numerous technical requirements of the last 20 years the Sub / Division OTE Network Maintenance
  • I wrote at a rate of almost 80% with team partners writings technical project execution devices and equipment for use Technical OTE Staff
  • I issued four-volume scientific work with my team for Modern Telecom / u Networks
  • I issued three consecutive years 1998-1999-2000 special edition for Nationwide Project Evaluation and OTE Service under certain internationally recognized indicators.
  1. My Major Interventions OTE:
  • In the period 1979 – 1983 I studied and implemented the redeployment geographically and functionally of OTE’s services nationwide to be configured from 690 to 280 nodal areas. Achieved thereby implementing the plan KAPODISTRIOU current draft Kallikratis for OTE than 30 years ago.
  • Develop key role for the implementation CRAS-PROGRAM for Upgrading Rhodes networks, Maroussi and Larissa and from EU subsidy
  • After entering Head Y.S.D suggested and implemented the five-year program Upgrading of networks across the country and consolidation of upgrading programs in total communication quality, budget 350 million. EURO. ◦Stin period 1/1998 to 9/2000 as D / Director Maintenance:
  • Suggested and implemented comprehensive program Update of Telecommunication Installations under which:
  1. a) decreased the damage almost European levels
  2. b) substantially zeroed complaints
  3. c) the customer service was achieved by 92% in the first 24 hours
  4. d) reduced operating costs at a rate of 5-6% per year
  5. e) finally won OTE 100 seats in front of the international classification of quality
  6. g) I studied and introduced the SLA for OTE.
  • widely implemented programs:
  1. a) training technical staff and
  2. b) change communication and customer service
  • In the period 9/2000 to 3/2002 as D / Director Board Hall & Transportation (with my partners group) suggested:
  • Studied the creation and operation of intelligent buildings with OTE safety and general businesses.
  • Vehicle Management Study.

The. Operational objectives implementation – Staff benefits – Disdrch

  • Application of Koh. Regional Operational-organizational 500

(OTEikos Kapodistrias 1980-1982) modernization-economy

  • Quality Measurements Communication quality and Install / service contracts x1
  • Ensure Modern Institutions new technology-economy x2
  • Circulars reception quality projects. SYS / seon- sync. materials x3
  • Establishment ratios dynamic calc. staff x4
  • Establish Fault – Quality Indicators – Quality-control-economy x5


  • Protective installations-quality competition x6
  • Creation of standard VC. shapes modernization productivity-x7
  • Development Prometheus SESG etc. modernization competitiveness-100
  • Changing working methods group project-performance x8
  • Institution journeyman driver Application performance-economy 500
  • Application CRAS-PROGRAM use Prog / EU of resources 10
  • Application program / upgrade 70% of competitiveness-quality 450 ‘
  • Promoting technical training. Personalization / M-productivity economy X9
  • Reduce operating costs by 1994-2000, 5-6% per annum x10
  • Upgrade customer service about 62% in six years x 11
  • OTE International Classification Upgrading about 100 seats in six years x 12
  • Activation of the VC. Networks began but faces problems X13
  • Establishment SLA OTE but started having problems X14
  • Study intelligent buildings-study suggests. there-correspond. not x 15
  • Vehicle Management Study-study suggests. there-correspond. not X16
  • Single Fault-Reporting Call Center study – implementation – training x17
  • Calibration Services Study VC. modernization of economy-X18
  • Evaluation Study Personalisation / Mr. and modernization-justice-performance X19

executive search

  • Certification Services projects and started-progressing slowly x20

ISO acquisition

  • I wrote more than 50% of the technical-material right choices transparency;

Specifications of Y.S.D. OTE economy X21

  • I wrote more than 80% of devices are properly informed and execution Project execution of Tech. Personalization / M works with standard X22
  • I issued the four-volume work completed project in Telecommunications

Modern Telecom / u Networks to broaden technical knowledge x 23

  • I issued three consecutive years characterizes a period recorded

Project Evaluation and OTE Service efficiency all in art. support X24