In response to the personal invitation of Mr. Paul C. Pissanos, some 80 of us gathered in his offices at No. 6 Saripolou Street. Mr. Pissanos imparted to us his original inspiration – now registered in the archives of the National Library under serial No. 0545 – for the building of an ANCIENT POLIS (CITY), with the fundamental purpose of constituting a recognized spiritual world center and a cradle of knowledge, for science and art.

A center of congregation and exchange of thoughts of eminent scientists, enlightened intellectuals and artists from the further reaches of the world, where they would confer and collaborate for the furthering of the common cause and the fight for morals and logic nd applying their weight and prestige towards the removal of the accursed threat of nuclear war, destruction and the annihilation of the human species.
A center of revival of modern technological culture according to the principles and philosophy of the classical ancient Greek spirit.

The speaker then described the striking details of his visionary planning and of the purely ideological objectives which will be promoted by this imposing project: THE SPIRIT OF LOVE AND UNIVERSAL HUMAN COOPERATION, PROGRESS and PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE OF NATIONS.

The vibrant rallying tone of the speech and the deep impression made upon us by the truly enlightened vision of this revival of the classical Greek spirit, made us decide on the formation of a spiritual and educational society with the purpose of contributing and striving towards the realization of this impressive plan.
The association will apply, on an international level, for moral and material support to any non-fanatic, logical and untainted citizen of the world, to assist in the building of this fine – marble Olympic City.

Our unanimous response overjoyed our host, and he gladly accepted to grant and entrust to the Association under formation, his plans and detailed program at NO PERSONAL BENEFIT other than the honorary retention for himself and his legal successors of the SPIRITUAL PATERNITY which naturally and understandably belongs to him and which can be contested by none. He added, moreover, that he would cooperate with all his strength to realize and fulfil this gigantic task of the future, by our association.
The above constitutes the true testimonial of the basic needs which led us to found the nucleus of this intellectual association. “OLYMPOS” – UNIVERSAL INTELLECTUAL CENTER.


Year 1984

Paul Pissanos elected President of  the OLYMPOS Universal Intellectual Center.

The President of the Academy Solon Kydoniatis elected vice president. All members of the Managing Committee members are professors and academics of recognized prestige. In the photo Paul Pissanos and Solon Kydoniatis in the day of Directors election.


 Αθήναι, 4 Ιουνίου 1984


  1. Aggelopoulos Aris                              Journalist
  2. Aggelopoulos Μarios                        Scenography
  3. Alkaiou Μaria                                      Actress
  4. Anagnostou Emm.                              Civil Engineer
  5. Gottas Klearchos                                President Hearth Pierides Muses
  6. Georgiades Vasilis                              Director
  7. Georgiades Τelis                                 Businessman
  8. Diaremes Joulio                                  Director of Photography
  9. Galanos Nikos                                     Actor
  10. Georgiou Thanasis                            Carver
  11. Gilemenou Maria                              Musicologist
  12. Diakogiannis Vasilis                        Goldsmith
  13. Zacharov Marianna                         Modelist
  14. Dimitriades George                         Businessman
  15. Zanetzis Vasilis                                 Painter
  16. Theodosiades George                     Composer
  17. Zacharatou Anthi                            Soprano
  18. Ioannides Charis                             Publisher
  19. Dr. Effie Dis                                        Medical Doctor Chicago
  20. Zilemenos Kostas                            Lawyer
  21. Kantarelis kostas                            Lawyer
  22. Lastelli Poulheria                          Italian Literature Professor
  23. Kriti Eleni                                          Actress
  24. Labadaridou Maria                       Writer
  25. Vlahopoulos Spiros                       President E.K.A.P.E.
  26. Liapis George                                   Advertiser
  27. Malissos kostas                               Economist
  28. Bintas Dimitris                                Topographer
  29. Mihalakakos Konst.                        Publisher
  30. Messalas George                               Actor
  31. Boukoumanis Ilias                         Publisher
  32. Papagiannis Dimitris                    Actor
  33. Moutsios George                              Actor
  34. Maniati Kiki                                      Choreographer
  35. Dario Sasa                                          Choreographer
  36. Novas Athanasios                           Lawyer
  37. Patsis Charis                                    Publisher
  38. Paulopoulos Nikolas                    Sculptor
  39. Papadakis John                              Painter
  40. Passalis Vasilis                               Lawyer
  41. Petropoulakis John                      Filmmaker
  42. Petropoulaki Angela                    Filmmaker
  43. Pissanos Paul                                  Advertiser
  44. Pissanou Karolina                        Businesswoman
  45. Vidali Mary                                      Actress
  46. Platsakis George                           Architect
  47. Antonopoulos Nikos                   Publisher
  48. Rokanas Peter                                Publisher
  49. Robotis Kostas                              Director Publications
  50. Vougiouklakis Takis                   Director
  51. Stavrakos Likourgos                   Cinema school
  52. Tsorbatzides Kon. Char.           Film Producer
  53. Chalikias Christof.                      Businessman
  54. Chatzinikolaou Savvas              Biologist
  55. Chatzinikolaou Stergios           Social Worker
  56. Chatzinasios George                  Composer
  57. Chomatas John                            Doctor
  58. Liritis Paris                                  Aircraft Engineer
  59. Kalliotzides Efstratios             Clerical Officer
  60. Leinas Michalis                          Businessman
  61. Chlibatsos Dimitris                  Bank manager
  62. Atsalis George                            Lawyer
  63. Karakostas Nikos                     Economist
  64. Asimakopoulos Asim.            Publisher
  65. Leontiadou Athina                  Businesswoman
  66. Kostoulia Tzina                        English Literature
  67. Aggelopoulos Kostas              Architect
  68. Bidas Thanasis                         Writer
  69. Karelli Anna                              Public relations
  70. Paulidou Maria                        Civil Engineer
  71. Fourniades George                  Director-Actor
  72. Diamantopoulos Kostas        Electrical Engineer
  73. Antoniades George                 Civil Engineer
  74. Paggeios George                       Professor Industrial Software AVSP
  75. Chalikia Eleni                           English Literature Professor
  76. Koutsoubos Pan.                      Publisher
  77. Segditsa Kiki                             Journalist-Writer
  78. Nikolaidou Despina                Actress
  79. Skarantonakis Paul               Banker
  80. Michalopoulos Dimitris       Manufacturer
  81. Takas George                           Bank Manager
  82. Loukas Dimitris                     Economist-Publicist
  83. Karameros Alex.                     Civil Engineer
  84. Chronopoulos Kon.                Economic Manager ΟΤΕ
  85. Psaltakis Tasos                       Journalist
  86. Kastellis Nikos                        Businessman
  87. Francis Karabot                     Director
  88. Nakos Arist.                             Manager ΟΤΕ
  89. Tsirimokos Arist.                   Publisher
  90. Kourtalis John                       Police lieutenant B’
  91. Voutsaras Stathis                 Public Relations
  92. Mavromichalis Makis          Divers instructor
  93. Paschalis Kostas                    Tenor Scala Milan
  94. Paschali-Κrilovits Marina Soprano Scala Milan
  95. Pantazis Fikiris                       Publisher
  96. Ginos Aggelos                           Civil Engineer
  97. Filaktos Fillipos                      Director
  98. Theofilou Vasilis                     Lawyer
  99. Labrou Eleftherios                  Former Director Fund Deposits and Loans
  100. Antonopoulos Leonidas        English Literature
  101. Kostamis Panos                         Professor of Medicine
  102. Leventogiannis George          Manager of newspaper ACROPOLIS
  103. Kakavelakis Dim.                      Writer
  104. Zevgarides Spiros                    Professor – Economist
  105. Daounaki Victoria                   Journalist
  106. Kavalieratos Takis                   Aesthetic
  107. Kavalieratou Char.                  Aesthetic
  108. Kirou Vilma                                Actress
  109. Kilika Vasiliki                           Merchant
  110. Zeliotis Tilemachos               Civil Engineer
  111. Kenich Ferdinand                   Electrical Engineer
  112. Πσατηα Μαρια                          Businesswoman
  113. Zoiopoulos Phil.                       Civil Engineer
  114. Koroniotis Kon.                        Civil Engineer
  115. Tzanetos John                          Biologist
  116. Anastasaki Kaiti                      Architect
  117. Aloisio Moreira                        Guimares Abogado
  118. Carlos Novo Niemyier            Productor De Cinema
  119. Helcio Mario                              De Lima e Silva Magistrado
  120. Henrique Paulo                         Bahiana Professor of History/ Rio University
  121. Magda Binou                              Nogueira Relacoes Publicas
  122. Jose Carlos                                 Da Cruz Ribeiro Justice Prosecutor
  123. Marco Flavio                             Amarantes Abogado
  124. Maria Cristina Nogueira      Lawyer and Writer
  125. Andre Foustanos                     Medice Cirurgiae Plastico
  126. Basillios Anastassaquis       Professor of History/ Rio University
  127. Cury-Carlos Alberto              Agropecuarista – Economista
  128. Casio Abel Ely                          Paisagista
  129. Ted Lagen                                 President of IISA-USA
  130. Archelaos                                  Cartoonist-satirist
  131. Kafantaris Kostas                 Manufacturer
  132. Pantazis Peter                        Actor-Director
  133. Tsotsos Dimitris                    Manufacturer
  134. Zacharakis K.                          Architect
  135. Zacharakis Εm.                      Architect
  136. Sergio Lasserda                      President Brazilian Association Publications
  137. Nikolaidou Aliki                    Litterateur
  138. Lidorikis Alekos                    Writer
  139. Papapolitis John                   Lawyer
  140. Gaganis George                     Assistant Director of Photography
  141. Lidoriki Zozo                        Public relations
  142. Simeon Fragos                      Businessman
  143. Stasis Betjelos                       Insurer
  144. Constantine Kanglis          Pressident Hell. Democracy USA
  145. Deros Athan.                        Businessman
  146. Joao Medrato Diaw             President of S.B.F. BRAZIL
  147. Oscar Niemyier Soares Filho   Architect Brazil
  148. Lincoln Martins                            Manager Publication Geografica & Ela-Ela
  149. Aloysio Maria Teixeira Filho  Congressman P.M.D.B.
  150. Xarchakos Stavros                      Composer
  151. Tseklenis John                             Designer
  152. Moulou-Tzioti Νatasa              Journalist
  153. Horacio Machado                      Medeiros Attorney Brazil
  154. Alexandre Kacelnix                  Journalista Brazil
  155. Alberto Jacks Ghreem             Journalist-Report Brazil
  156. Ioannides G.V.                            Writer-Journalist
  157. Harrole Washington               Mayor City of Chicago
  158. Maniateas Ilias                           Publisher
  159. Fransciso Lomelino                Chief of PDS BRAZIL
  160. Kastanas Dim                            TV Manager in N.Y. USA
  161. Paolo Duky                                 Congressman PDS BRAZIL
  162. Daisy Lucidi                               Congressman PDS BRAZIL
  163. Glberto Matos                           Faria Doctor
  164. Luiss Ribeiro Pinto                Neto Industrial BRAZIL
  165. Vanla Maria Bintencoupt    Economista BRAZIL
  166. Maniatakos Peter                    TV Manager TORONTO-CANADA
  167. Dan Waker                                  Former Governor of Illinois – USA
  168. William Straton                      Republican– Former Governor of Illinois – USA
  169. Κidoniatis Solon                     Professor – Academy
  170. Johanna Papadatow              Psychologist – Sociologist
  171. Georgantas Spiros                  Businessman
  172. Luis Carlos De Morales Vital  Civil Engineer BRAZIL
  173. Paolo Ribeiro                                President of Communities BRAZIL
  174. Claudio Moasyr                            Chief of PMDB BRAZIL
  175. Tenorio Edigardo                        President-Legal Adviser of Shipyards
  176. Bill Iliades                                      TV Programme AUSTRALIA
  177. Gianoudes Peter                          President of AXEPA AUSTRALIA
  178. Raytopoulos Stathis                 Publisher-Poet-Litterateur MelbournAUSTRALIA
  179. Kolovisteas Nikos                      Manufacturer
  180. Kolovisteas Μichalis               Manufacturer
  181. Callow Heitor Cony                   Editor Chief Fatos & Fotos BRAZIL
  182. Zozino Barroso De Amaral     Journalist Journal e Brazil
  183. Marcello Nunes De Allencar  Mayor of Rio De Janeiro
Paul Pissanos


e moutsopoulos

Phd EVANGELOS MOUTSOPOULOS (Academician/Professor of Philosophy)


Phd MICHAIL POULANTZAS (Professor of Sociology – Philosophy / University of Rome)


Dr. KONSTANTINA PALAMIOTOU (Philologist,  School Advisor of Philosophy,  Dr. of Philosophy,  University of Athens)


Dr. EVANGELIA DANIIL  (Medical Dr Pulmonologist- Phymatiologist)


Dr. STANLEY SFEKAS (Professor of Philosophy in University of Indianapolis)


Dr. STEPHANOS VOGAZIANOS-ROY (Doctor of Ethnology / University of Glasgow)


HIPPOCRATES DAKOGLOU (Mathematician- Researcher Pythagorion)

  • MEMBER +

EVSTATHIOS BOURODIMOS (Environmentalist Professor Univ. M.I.T)

  • MEMBER +
toni breidel











The members:

1) DIMITRIOS ANGELOPOULOS – Commission President (Entrepreneur – Industrialist)

2) GEORGE TRAKIS – (Lawyer)

3) PANAGIOTIS PLATIS – (Businessman)

Issues relating to the Commission:

Organization – Handling of issues related to the relationship of the Olympus Association and the Company HEPTAPOLIS – DEVELOPMENT – COMMERCIAL – HOLDING SA, through the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE.


It has from the outset been an “absolute principle” of Members of the Commission that, because of their sensitive participation in the Economic and Management control of the activities of the Company HEPTAPOLIS – DEVELOPMENT – COMMERCIAL – HOLDING SA, the following:

Advice for the validity of the projects, which the Commission would receive from HEPTAPOLIS – DEVELOPMENT – COMMERCIAL – HOLDING SA, after necessary and careful scrutiny, presents them for final approval to the Board of the Association. The Organizing Committee, due to the severity of large sums, whose analysis the committee will be invited to check with absolute transparency, must be worthy of its high mission»


  1. Each proposal, dealing with executing projects of HEPTAPOLIS and construction in the prefecture of Viotia, will be subject, in principle, to the Special Commission of the Company HEPTAPOLIS – DEVELOPMENT – COMMERCIAL – HOLDING SA, which will approve, or not, the viability of the proposal’s relationship with the Company’s specifications.

The viable proposals will be studied by the responsible officers of the Company, who shall, if necessary, proceed to corrections of proposals in collaboration with the designers who submitted the proposals. Then the proposals will be transferred to the Executive Committee.

  1. The Organizing Committee will have vertical cooperation with the Special Working Groups – Architects, engineers, engineers, planners, geologists, accountants, bankers, etc. – who will distribute the proposals to the audit mechanisms services and will work together with special Groups in the formulation and correctness of proposals. The Committee members and members of the Expert Working Groups sometimes collaborate with executives of the company HEPTAPOLIS – DEVELOPMENT – COMMERCIAL – HOLDING SA, which will form the final results of the proposals for each project and will submit them to the President and members of the Board of the OLYMPOS ASSOCIATION – UNIVERSAL INTELLECTUAL CENTER.
  2. It is essential to emphasize that, with the start of the Organizing Committee’s work on the control of projects; members will receive a permanent employment level and the salary to be agreed with the recommendation of the Board of the Olympus Association.
  3. The cash outflow of payments will always be made from the “KAROLINA & PAUL PISSANOS SPIRITUAL AND CULTURAL FOUNDATION”, based in Panama. The purpose of this publication is the integrity and transparency of the manner in which the sponsor’s money distribution and the method of control of the disposition, if necessary, of a Grant to perform a specified task concerning the HEPTAPOLIS. The guarantee of safety of the donor’s deposit will be the bank.