The second raised level of HEPTAPOLIS, the KYTTARO, will include:

  • Seven Schools applying the ‘Use of Knowledge‘ in educational programs with Pythagorean models
  • Research laboratories and experiments
  • Planetarium, Observatory, and dormitories of Teachers and Students

The area of the cells will be inaccessible to each visitor and the entrance from the HYMEN to the KYTTARON is reserved for students of the “HEPTAPOLIS”, professors and academics.
Along the perimeter and along the length of the LOROS, there will be a fine marble STOA OF THE MUSES with Ionic pillars, which will be divided into 9 equal sections of the gallery as follows: OURANIA, POLYMNIA, MELPOMENI, CALLIOPI, CLEO, EUTERPI, TERPSICHORE, ERATI, and THALEIA.
At the marble entrance of the HYMEN, on the metope will be inscribed the Pythagorean: “εκάς οι βέβηλοι”. (Exhorting the “impious” or “uninitiated” to keep away).
The 9 major Schools, within the boundaries of the KYTTARON will be positioned in correlation with the distances of the 9 planets of our solar system, thus forming a map of the sky on the earth.
Apart from the 9 major faculties, within the KYTTARON will there will be constructed other buildings like the PRYTANEION (Deans’ Offices) the library, science laboratories, an observatory, cinema, theater, PALAESTRA (wrestling ring), athletic facilities, lakes and woods walkways. Around the Schools, and the surrounding area, will be put great sculptural complexes associated with classic beauty, classical education, wisdom, progress and peace in the world.
The cell across the long edge of the periphery will carry two floors of small houses in which reside students and professors.
In total there will be across the region 2,000 homes, four beds each, which will include all necessary accommodation and will perform all of the conditions of modern life for all 8,000 students and teachers.
In front of the entrance of small houses, there will be a stoa, across the region, bearing Ionic columns according to the classic archetypes (galleries Attalos – Kingdom). The diameter of cells is 999 meters and the center will feature the LOROS.
From the GATE OF LIGHT and perpendicular to the KYTTARON there will be an avenue called ANIOUSA AKTIS (ASCENDING RAY) , length 1332 meters, which will intersect the point of the PYREN with the Middle Road, 999 meters long.
All Schools and other building groups in the area of KYTTARON will be of marble, constructed in accordance with classic archetypes, with ornate sculptures on pediments, friezes, panels and columns, covering the 3 basic rhythms, Ionic, Doric and Corinthian.
Inside the Schools will have the most advanced electronic equipment and direct access to major centers of Letters, Arts and Sciences in the world.