The PYREN will be located in the center of the KYTTARON and the whole “HEPTAPOLIS”.
The diameter of the PYREN will be 100 meters and will be considered as an area dedicated to knowledge of the microcosm and macrocosm.
In the PYREN there is the THOLOS (Dome), a building shaped ball, half above ground and half below ground.
Outside the THOLOS will be surrounded by a peristyle of 24 columns. The cella frieze will depict scenes of the struggle of humankind to learn through science the secrets of the universe.
Inside the THOLOS will include a vast panorama of an electronic MACROCOSM in the upper half and the MICROCOSM, in the lower half of the sphere.
The ‘Internal’ trainees, in the final stage of study, will “enter” at the THOLOS to be initiated in the interpretation of the “secret program” that defines the “Principles of Life” Human Nature
and the Universe.
In the center of the THOLOS will be the crystal “ESTIA SPHERE”, (estia=hearth), 3 meters in diameter, within which burns a torch indicating THE sanctuary LIGHT OF THE THOLOS.
The “External students” can not enter from the ZOSTER to the PYREN of the KYTTARON, but only when made “Internal”.
On the day of the oath, students will give the OATH OF THE THOLOS(dome), which relates to compliance with the law in favor of human rights, peace between peoples and the protection of the environment.
Then in front of the ESTIA SPHERE they receive their honorary diploma made of papyrus.