The main purpose of HEPTAPOLIS is defined as the fulfillment of the need for the major academic, scientific and technological forces of humanity to unite under a “common roof” so that they may cooperate and collaborate with collegiality, in a spirit of sincere communication and mutual trust, for the resolution of the critical problems of the planet and its people and to improve, to the best of their abilities, the experiential and cultural level of society, in all regions of the world.

Being fully aware of the high sense of responsibility of the major Powers of the World regarding the global welfare, and the need for World Delegations to be housed and convene  within a “Common Roof”, HEPTAPOLIS has conducted a full Study of the creation of an  International Polis, the HEPTAPOLIS of Nations , which will be the first extensive buildings complex in history to be built according to classical archetypes,  compliant to the Pythagorean Architectural Canon of the seven Celestial Spheres in all its metric dimensions, and incorporating the Principles of the Golden Number 1.618 , the Golden Section and the Golden Ratio and Symmetry.

The architectural design and the object of HEPTAPOLIS have been integrated in a 3D film and can be delivered on DVD to anyone who is interested to study it.

The HEPTAPOLIS project is based on a contemporary view of Science, Technology and Philosophy in combination with cultural and educational objectives for the redefinition and promotion of knowledge in the context of a creative dialectic where Technological Culture and the National Heritage of peoples still have much to offer. It aims to contribute to the effort of «lifelong learning» with free access to the cultural inventory and scientific contributions of peoples with diverse origins and history. It seeks to serve as a catalyst in bringing people together, in peaceful coexistence and cooperation rather than antagonism for any possible reason. HEPTAPOLIS also aims to upgrade the documentation of Knowledge and Culture.

Greece, and in particular, the area near the sanctuary of Delphi which  is historically the place where the Delphic Amphictyony was born, developed and  thrived for centuries, was selected for the construction of HEPTAPOLIS.  Delphi served as a hub of reconciliation, coexistence and cooperation among the peoples of Greece and the world.

HEPTAPOLIS is the perennial spiritual work of the non-profit Association OLYMPOS – UNIVERSAL INTELLECTUAL CENTER, which promotes the implementation of the Project and has the requisite experience and dynamism through an international network of scientists, professors, academics, thinkers and technocrats, who are active members of the Association.

The project was designed to be financed and operate with resources coming from its wealthy members, donations, grants, sponsorships of institutional investors and assistance of social organizations. To these must be added the proceeds from the operation of the Project and its Website, with the aim of self-financing from the very first years of operation!


The successful development of the Project presupposes the positive response of the entities associated with the philosophy of the Project, as well as with its global academic, scientific and technological objects.

The hitherto strong interest from international investment groups, organizations and cultural institutions, limits to the minimum extent  any financial or any other kind of risk.

It is necessary to emphasize that any form of delay associated with the initiation of the Project adds cost to the initial budget. For these reasons, there already exists an organized provision so that the implementation of HEPTAPOLIS is not affected by any possible risks. Estimates of this provision were based on a complete preliminary study.
Prior to any finalization, there will be reviewing and updating of the relevant data. In particular, we recommend the proposed solution for the densely populated areas and the necessary infrastructure projects.


Our efforts should aim to:

  • Speed up the procedures of financing of the Project.
  • Secure, initially, the necessary pre–operating expenses for the finalization of the acquisition agreement of land and the preparation of the final studies required for the site and layout of the projects
  • Reorganize the operator and his associates, so that they can meet the growing needs of the project management.
  • Expand the contacts of OLYMPOS Association which has unfailingly manifested its active presence for 30 consecutive years in the Greek and international community.
  • Broaden the base of information so that we achieve an effective targeted presentation of the Project to international co-operators of similar projects.
  • Reap the direct and indirect trade benefits of the implementation of the Project.
  • Accelerate the procedures for the siting of all installations.

Diversify the funding agencies of the Project, by emphasizing the increased publicity their cultural contribution will enjoy  at national and global level.


The most skilled Greek architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, city planners, designers and artists, collaborating with scientists of mathematics and geometry  have created, for the first time globally, a Pythagorean City in which the Golden Number 1.618 and the ratio of the Golden Section are the dominant elements in its planning, responding fully to the aesthetic beauty and the desired “human environment” which, by its structure, makes employee and visitor happy.


The OLYMPOS ASSOCIATION – UNIVERSAL INTELLECTUAL CENTER was founded in 1984 and has done considerable work in the cultural life of the country, directly or indirectly, through the group of its experts as a cultural institution  which is registered  with the Greek Ministry of Culture. (No.2407).
According to the preliminary plans that have been processed by the committees of the Association, HEPTAPOLIS will be created in a single area of 800 hectares, of which the City will cover 220 hectares; the remaining 580 hectares will be the setting for urban planning of infrastructure projects for the smooth and long-lasting operation of HEPTAPOLIS. Details can be found in Petal, Zoster, and Kyttaron with the Dome.

HEPTAPOLIS has been designed on the basis of the development of the Global Knowledge in Letters, the Arts and Sciences, in collaboration with leading scientists in the organization and promotion of technologies and the expertise required to maintain the «Health» of the planet for the benefit of the progress and prosperity of the peoples of the world. The entire Project is designed to benchmark the effective cultivation of Knowledge in Science, Technology and Philosophy as well as the prospect of synthesis and progress of dialogue in a unique domain of international attraction and visitation, such as Delphi.


HEPTAPOLIS, apart from its contribution to the spread of knowledge and the humanization of Science and Technology will ensure, through sales and other activities, considerable financial  benefits  for the Academic and Educational, sectors as well as the Tourist Industry and the National Revenues.

The revenues of HEPTAPOLIS will come from:

  • The international research results of scientific bodies who will work in the «PETALLA» of the Polis, the results of which will be used worldwide to improve the health conditions and lifestyle, the accommodation and welfare of the citizens of Earth .
  • The operation of special Public and Private Academies and Universities in the Polis
  • The operation of the International centers for conferences and seminars.
  • International Trade Fairs.
  • International cultural events.
  • Advanced audiovisual entertainment with planetariums, movie halls and halls of Holography.
  • The Space Complexes, Global Libraries, and Museums of Ancient and Modern Art.

It is estimated that revenues will cover annually a very large  part  of the initial investment.

Revenues will also be generated from:

  • Restaurants, cafes, leisure centers within the Polis.
  • The millions of tourists who will visit the Polis for daily tours of:
  • The Science Centers
  • The World Library
  • The Academic, Educational and Art complexes

 In addition, donations, sponsorships and contributions are expected from:

  • International and European Research Projects
  • International and European Experimental Projects
  • Institutional donors, Foundations, Corporations, Banks and Financial Organizations.
  • Scientific Studies of international Scholars on Education, Technology and
  • Documentation which will be conducted in HEPTAPOLIS. The commercial use of tourist villages, hotel facilities, shopping centers, and, generally the activities of the visitors of the greater area of HEPTAPOLIS.

For the construction and completion of the project a scientific, artistic and labor workforce of several thousands of people will be employed at work for a total period of eight to 10 years.
It is also estimated that, during the operation of the Polis, a very large number of full and part-time all-year-round jobs will be created because the visitors will be mainly of educational and scientific nature in winter and of tourist nature in summer.
It is almost certain that there will be an increase in property prices in the area of 60-70 %, full employment of local people of all kinds of professions and a substantial general increased income for all the residents of the prefecture.


The international promotion of cultural values rightfully belongs to the world vanguard  from whom the peoples of the word expect initiatives for more cooperation and less friction among countries. Such cooperation is more than ever necessary so that the relationship between the   unilateral development of technology and humanistic values is redefined. HEPTAPOLIS aspires to evolve into a “stronghold” of the cultural heritage of the peoples of the world.


The general streets and buildings layout of HEPTAPOLIS complies with the existing land-use plan of the municipality. Taken into consideration were the ecological impact on the residential areas and the protection and enhancement of the rural fabric of the region. Special respect will be shown to the wider Delphic landscape.


The building coefficient will be  2.0 so that unobstructed view, maximum ventilation and a sunlit environment for all the premises are secured. With the proposed building coefficient overcrowding will be avoided and environmental impact will be minimized.


Due to the carefully calculated height of the building complexes, the building coefficient and the extensive open spaces all the premises of HEPTAPOLIS will enjoy sunlight for at least 8.5 hours daily. In particular, it is emphasized that, because of the Pythagorean design of HEPTAPOLIS, not only the above-ground floors of HEPTAPOLIS will be sunlit, but also those which will be below the ground level.


The unstructured surfaces are intended for internal gardens, pavements, etc. Their design focuses on optimum light, ventilation and easy accessibility to the large building complexes of the HEPTAPOLIS. With regard to the normal flow of visitors and workers and the safe evacuation in case of emergency, the flow rate has been calculated at 5 persons per 2 square meters.


The carrying capacity of free spaces is calculated at 20 people per minute so that accidents in case of panic are kept to a minimum.


The services and facilities of HEPTAPOLIS are mainly meant for visitors with cultural interests and philosophical concerns, people who enjoy visiting science centers, museums, exhibitions and educational research institutions wishing to receive information and responsible answers to all kinds of scientific, technological, artistic and spiritual questions. Many of the visitors will certainly be  prestigious personalities who wish to participate actively in the activities of HEPTAPOLIS.

The ALEXANDER THE GREAT Library, the Web Documentation Center and the  Interactive Culture Center,  the university level institutions and research centers,  the facilities for interdisciplinary networking ,  the holograms and 3D  shows  in the Dome and other educational and recreational high-performance units, the infrastructure with free access to the academic and research work  of HEPTAPOLIS are expected to attract and provide  a “Home”  to a large number of scientists, currently working with a new cultural approach  on Education -Research and technology. And who, presently, are working individually with limited possibilities to communicate the results of their research. The Project is not designed only for traditional tourists but principally for the International Intellectual Community, which will be given the opportunity to communicate its ideas and work through the infrastructure of HEPTAPOLIS.
This is why the prediction of the probable number of visitors is not easy. However, taking into account studies on similar theme parks, museums and technological – scientific institutions, a first (bottom line) study on the expected number of visitors was conducted. The study proved the need for high-level personnel, effective infrastructure and high technology transportation equipment and unimpeded access to  HEPTAPOLIS.

Likely categories of potential visitors are the following: Traditional Tourists, Academics, University professors, Researchers, undergraduate and post-graduate Students.
Most scientists and students will visit HEPTAPOLIS in groups according to scholarships or student exchange programs. It would be fruitful to use funds from international non-profit organizations for this purpose. HEPTAPOLIS offers a reliable bridge for the attraction of such visitors. An additional factor which must be taken into account is the ability of HEPTAPOLIS to offer services at low cost that will result from the reinvestment of profits, grants, donations and offers of the friends of HEPTAPOLIS. Also revenues are expected from additional activities such as stores, accommodation, sales etc.

 Based on the study the number of visitors is estimated at 7 million people annually in full operation, the annual growth of the number of visitors is estimated at 2% during the first 3 years and 4% thereafter on completion of the project and as a result of its increasing publicity.


HEPTAPOLIS, stretching in 800 hectares (8,000,000 sq. meters) will be installed in an area of 1,200 hectares belonging to OLYMPOS Association.
The area is close to Delphi and Parnassus ski resort with good transport infrastructure and access to neighboring communities and hospital facilities in the vicinity. The general Plan of the Project has foreseen additional transport infrastructure to serve the increasing number of visitors and persons with permanent connection to the activities of HEPTAPOLIS (students, teachers, researchers, partners, tourist visitors).

HEPTAPOLIS, with an estimated average traffic of 7 million visitors a year and maximum per hour of 40,000 visitors  includes the following functional and self-contained units:  ZOSTERPETALLAKΥΤΤΑRΟPIREN