Curriculum Vitae of Laurentios G. Dellasoudas

The Laurentios G. Dellasoudas is Emeritus Professor of Education of the National University of Athens (UOA).

1. Studies, scientific and administrative work experience, honors

He studied Theology, Literature, Statistics, “Methods and Application Programming” and Vocational Guidance.
He has trained and specialized [at home and abroad (a fellow Council of Europe)] to vocational training, vocational guidance, special education and the Methodology of Scientific Research (research design, conduct surveys, weighting criteria, etc.).
He served as a faculty member of the School of Philosophy of Athens.
He: Chairman Department of Philosophy, Education and Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy, Director of the Center School, Professional and Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities ( and president of the Association of Faculty of Philosophy Faculty.
Served (1981-1990) as a scientist in the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Department for Relations with the European Communities), for professional orientation issues Persons with Disabilities.
He represented our country or participated in committees, experience exchange groups and of EU programs for Persons with Disabilities issues or foreign students.
He was founder and director of the recognized by the Ministry of Education Technical and Vocational School “IKTINOS”.
He has served in the public and private education and vocational training.
He is a member of Greek and international scientific and other organizations [Society of Greek Philologists, Greece Pedagogy Society (which served as a director), ARFIE, ELESYP, ELME, Panchiaki Society for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage].
He has been President Endowments.
He has received awards from international organizations (COFACE-EURAMIS, EUROCLASSICA etc.), the Church and the Local Government (freeman Homeroupolis and other Municipalities of Chios).
Within the social work (for 10 years approximately) producer and presenter (R.S. Peiraiki Church) broadcasting a practical nature, particularly for professional orientation.
He participated -with announcements, presentations, simple participation or diorganotis- in scientific conferences and other similar events both in Greece and abroad.
He writes in the official newspaper of Athens: “The Kapodistrian» (, and other forms.
He / he has been a member rapporteurs Committees and Evaluation Committees [candidates faculty, fellows IKY EPEAK programs, School Directors and Education Managers (Central Tender Committee), DOATAP (Dikatsa), reforming scholarship programs] IRS FEEMP etc.
2. Teaching and research work

Taught or teach at Athens University (undergraduate and postgraduate) and other educational institutions / programs: General and Special Education, Teaching students with special educational needs, educational and vocational guidance of pupils with special educational needs, Educational Psychology and Methodology of Scientific Research.

The investigations carried out and the undergraduate and diploma theses and doctoral dissertations that oversees focus both in school, professional, economic and social integration of Persons with Disabilities and foreign students as well as the evolution of students starting early in their school life (pentamisaria).

It is noted that an important part of the whole research work concerns the weighting criteria and statistical surveys.

3. Writings

The literary work is an attempt to integrated approach of quality of life of persons with disabilities and refers to actions starting from prevention and arrive on the issues of mature age. In all the works, relating to special social groups in general and people with disabilities or -in the proposal of at Persons with Disabilities, in particular, described contemporary theoretical approaches and applied practices for quality school, professional, economic and social inclusion and integration.

Of the total work, what concerns the Persons with Disabilities and Special Social Groups are mainly the following:

Monographs and professional criteria weights scores (tests) laid performed in 1973 on behalf of the Employment Agency, in the context of education as of the Director of Career Guidance.
Participation in dimosiefmevi inquiry of the professor Avt. Davassi-Afentaki “factors deemed extracurricular and school performances tov mathitov Middle Education” tomoi A and B, Athiva 1988.
Weighting the criteria in Raven “Standard progressive matrices”, which took place in the context of a direct investigation. a. 2. The relevant scales, created for the students of the last two classes of B / tertiary education (by one for each class, and gender), were based on a sample of 2,733 students of the respective classes.
“Le cheminement de l’orientation professionnelle des personnes handicapées. Une expérience faite dans le milieu suisse “, Athènes 1991. (p. 35)
Dellasoudas, L. (1991). Community social policy and specific training. Proposal to the 1992 Athens: Libraries. S. N. Saripolou. (P. 175)
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“Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning and proposals for its implementation in Greece”. Paper presented at the European Symposium, organized by the Pedagogical Institute on “The open and distance learning as a tool for teacher training and education of students: challenge for the Greek educational system” (Athens, 21-23 June 1995) ed. Proceedings 1996, p. 77-85.
“Quality of life for disabled people. A proposal for a measuring model “. Paper presented at the “2nd European Conference on Quality of Life for People with Special Needs: Good Practices”, held in Finland (Porvoo 22-26 November 1995). (P. 10)
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Dellasoudas, L. (2006). Introduction to Special Education, vol. Fourth, quality of life of people with disabilities: social inclusion and integration ratio, Athens: Ed. THE SAME. (P. 538). ISBN 960 – 631 – 159 – 7Erga of which relate to the foreign student population and pentamisaria are notably:
Papaconstantinou, Th. & Dellasoudas, L. (Ed.) (1994). The teaching of the Greek language to foreign students. Special mention to students from Albania, Athens: O.E.D.V. (P. 224)
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Papaconstantinou, Th. & Dellasoudas, L. (2000) “The education of foreigners in Greece. Research results”. Adoption of Intercultural Education: Series theoretical studies and practical applications. Curator Professor G. P. Mark. Athens: University of Athens – Intercultural Education Center. (P. 414)
Danassis-Afentakis, A. & Dellasoudas, L. (2004). scientific research methodology applications. Example: Age and school performance, Athens: Gkelmpesis. (P. 425). ISBN: 960 – 8028 – 06 – X
The literature of the University of Athens newspaper “The Kapodistrian» ( mainly in higher education (teacher education, assessment, admission to universities and technical colleges, etc. See. Issues: 30, 36, 71, 105, 107, 110-111, 112), while in the first issue of the academic year 2008-2009 (no. 132 issue) included an article on ‘Paralympic Games’.